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TeamViewer torrent download


Free Screen Sharing Software TeamViewer is a free remote access application that includes features and enables people to share screens with other devices. The remote control, available during sessions, contains instant messaging via chat, audio calls, video calls, and more. TeamViewer is compatible with Android, Apple iOS, Mac, Google Chrome, Linux, Microsoft Windows and Raspberry Pi operating systems on tablets, computers, laptops and mobile computers; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Is TeamViewer safe? TeamViewer is a secure program to download and install. You need to make sure that the software is properly configured to avoid privacy issues that make the system vulnerable to security risks. To start a remote control session, the person sharing the screen must provide the ID and password to the other person to advise the community never to allow access to strangers or who cannot be trusted. If the host and TeamViewer know each other and understand the intent of the connection, an external connection is appropriate. Can someone using this program terminate any session immediately to leave it safe if I start a TeamViewer session? You need to download the free version of TeamView to communicate remotely with other people. During the download process, a first window will appear asking if you want to continue with a custom, standard or one-time installation. The Run Only option can help users who are invited to use TeamViewer for special occasions, and they may not need access to the platform after the setup asks users to determine if they need TeamViewer for commercial or non-profit purposes or both. use. After selecting these options at the bottom of the window next to the Accept completion button, you will receive a license agreement. To make sure that the premise of the program is fully understood, you should read the agreement before confirming that a preview window of the progress will appear. Once the image is installed, TeamViewer will appear on the desktop screen. All you have to do is double-click on the icon to access the user interface. The data needed to start a TeamViewer session is located in two middle panels: allow remote control and control a remote computer. Under the Allow heading, users can find their personal ID and unique password. To give people access to the device, you need to provide them with this information; to import equipment for other people, you must enter their information in the Partner ID panel in the Control section. Before clicking the “Connect” button to sync with your device, can you choose a remote or file transfer if TeamViewer is working? In the user interface and during the session you have access to the solutions that TeamViewer offers. Additional tabs are located next to the left window in the user interface, such as: Remote Control, Remote Control, Meeting, Computer Contacts, Conversations, Augmented Reality and Getting Started. If you make contact with another person, the status bar will be a remote desktop application, and tabs at the top of the screen, actions, views, links, and additional files will be placed at the top of the screen for access during meetings. The menu options start in the Actions section. The community can click on the first buttonpress, which terminates the remote interaction immediately, and there is a send Ctrl + Alt + Del button to restart the computer. Participants and information boards draw conclusions about the options on the Shares tab. Inside attendees, users can invite additional attendees to the meeting. In the next tab in the status bar there is a View section, which is classified according to the tags: Zoom, Quality, Monitors, Performance, Display Options and Full Screen. You must select the scale of the sessions to display on the screen: the best, most original and scalable. If people need to use two monitors, they can select the dual monitor option in the Monitors section. More aesthetic options in the View menu include resolution quality, full screen features, and collaboration support. With the “Communicate” option in the status bar, communities can make calls via the Internet or by phone during the conference call. Just like the TeamViewer offering called Blizz, people can chat and make videos. Chatbox is usually used to exchange links, codes. The ability to write to the screen can be useful in educational, personal and professional online environments. Select the desired media in the blue pop-up window. Markers on the screen can be seen as in the last menu, this is the segmentation area of ​​File Plugins: Print, VPN, Screen Capture and File Transfer. You can select “Enable TeamViewer Printing” for Remote Printing. Can you also easily take screenshots and record a session or transfer files during a meeting to provide documents to another AnyDesk better than TeamViewer? AnyDesk and TeamViewer can be used for free. Both remote support applications have clean and easy-to-navigate interfaces. These two programs are multiple and compatible with the same operating systems. Chrome, LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, Splashtop, and Zoom Remote Desktop are similar software features. In addition to GoToMyPC, these platforms are Remote Desktop, LogMeIn, GoToMyPC and Splashtop, which allow people to communicate with each other on two different devices. Chrome Remote Desktop and LogMeIn name focus on self-service functionality, while AnyDesk, Splashtop, GoToMyPC and TeamViewer target multiple enterprise environments. Zoom is a popular free video calling and screen sharing application, which can be used in both personal and professional applications; Free application-rich applications You can download TeamViewer for interactive tasks: printing, quick support, file sharing and more. A cross-platform application can securely connect portable devices and computers or laptops. Although the company makes a profit by providing services to commercial enterprises, is the non-commercial version free for personal use? You can visit the official website to read software updates, privacy policies, product descriptions, solutions, news and more. TeamViewer developers are constantly updated for free and for a fee;


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ExpanDrive 7.7 torrent download

ExpanDrive 7.7

Divided by

https: // crackingpatchingcom

Before you are a good addition to your file system, you can connect SFTP / FTP / DropBox / Google Drive and other accounts so you can work with them like regular USB devices. You can download ExpanDrive below.

It is much easier to manage your files no matter what you edit, copy or move on your computer. This program allows you to back up your files for public access to the information you need. To do this, just connect and do not close the program. No matter where you are, you can of course easily access your files after entering your password and other parameters.

ExpanDrive does not have Russian support, it can confuse someone, but in general, after you start it is all you need to do to choose the connection type, enter the login and password, and sometimes the server address, then the hard drive will connect automatically and you can work with that, everything is clear …

Developer: Magnetk

License: ShareWare


Size: 145 + 122 MB

Operating system: Windows

How to install:

1). Instructions are included as needed.

2). That’s it, you’re done

ExpanDrive 7.7

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Las hijas del Reich 2020 DVDRip TPB película torrent

Las hijas del Reich 2020

Inglaterra, 15 de agosto de 1939: 17 días antes de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, una profesora de inglés su cámara desaparecieron de un internado en la playa con 20 niñas alemanas. Miller consiguió un trabajo 6 días después en secreto estaba tratando de averiguar qué estaba pasando.
Autor Andy Goddard:
Eddie Izzard (historia de), Celyn Jones (historia de) | Verano de 1939. Una familia influyente en la Alemania nazi había enviado a su hija a una escuela de posgrado en la ciudad costera inglesa para aprender el idioma convertirse en la próxima embajadora nacionalsocialista. El maestro vio lo que se avecinaba trató de hacer sonar la alarma. Pero las autoridades creen que es un problema.

Las hijas del Reich 2020

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IObit Malware Fighter hooters Download

IObit Malware Fighter

Anti-malware antivirus specializing in ransomwareIObit Malware Fighter is a free anti-malware software that completely protects your computer from malware and malware files of all kinds. It operates from an online database that is updated regularly and consumes system resources without affecting its performance or speed. Of course, it is a powerful and free anti-virus software. Every computer connected to the Internet faces hundreds of threats. This is why it is important to have software like IObit Malware Fighter. The latest version of this software has increased the analysis speed by 130% compared to the previous version and manages computer resources very efficiently. It attaches great importance to redemption, that is, to malicious programs that retrieve information from your tablets and require compensation so that you can get it back. On the other hand, it is very reliable because it protects the security of users and personal information thanks to a system that runs without using many resources. It also includes filters for blocking and monitoring and Safe Box as additional options for the user. Not to mention, it guarantees complete security when browsing the web with files and a simple and friendly interface. IObit developers have created a simple and easy-to-use interface. It consists of black backgrounds and green and red objects that distinguish protected areas from unprotected ones. Once the app has been installed, the user can run it, after which a half window will open which will be displayed. To check that your system is secure, you can quickly scan it with a single click. On the left side of the screen there is a menu with all available options. Here you can do more scans, search the web for any pending updates or visit the Shared Resource Center. There is also a free access tab for additional software protection for your computer. IObit Malware Fighter is a complete and effective antivirus program. In fact, it has been releasing malicious files to thousands of users for over a decade. In this sense, its “anti-ransomware” is considered to be one of the most powerful on the market. Problems like viruses like WannaCry cause many users emphasize the importance of protection. In addition, it is much better to use very few resources and is protected from data. And all this for free. You can not ask again. If you are looking for other free methods, we recommend that you download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and SpyBot Search and Destruction.

IObit Malware Fighter

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The New Mutants 2020 Full Download Torrent

The New Mutants 2020

New genre: action, science fiction, horror, adventure
Directed by Josh Boone
Stars: Blue Hunt, Maisie Williams, Ania Tailor-Joi, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga
Story: Five young mutants, who are just discovering their abilities while being held against their will in a secret facility, fight to escape from past sins and save themselves.
Reservoir = Matroska (avi)
Duration = 1:34
File size = 1 GiB
– Video
Codec Information = AVC | V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC
Resolution = 720×390
Show AR = | : 1
Baud rate = 1,700 kbps
Number of frames per second = CFR color space = IUV
Chromium subsampling = 4: 2: 0
Coding = k264 – core 142 r2479 dd79a61
– Audio
Codec Information = AC-3 | A_AC3
Channels = 6
Bit rate = CBR 384 kbps
Sampling = kHz
Language = English

The torrent inherited from

is a safe and virus-free torrent page with SUPER FAST DOWNLOAD SPEED!


ViDEO: 2200 kbps

SOLUTION: 1920×1040

RUNTiME: 1 hour 34 min


AUDiO: 384 kbps AC-3 6 channels

in English language



NOTES: Enjoy.

SPECIAL NOTES: If you have anything. Please contact us. (NEW E-MAIL)

We are looking for: suppliers before retail

Unpublished DVD / BluRay / Web-Dls / R5 / CAM / TS

If you have something to offer, contact us:

The New Mutants 2020

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Windows 10 64 bits Ativador.iso torrent download

Windows 10 64 bits+Ativador.iso

Windows 10 pro + Activator

iso origin for Microsoft

NOTE: no exact colocar series is unaware of this and depot

install activity! good kind galera

Windows 10 64 bits+Ativador.iso

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Project IGI Installer Torrent

Project IGI

The Stealth FPS You Love and Hate project is a tactical first-person video game in which you play the role of a secret agent and receive information about a stolen warhead. This game, developed by Innerloop Studio and published by Eidos Interactive in 2000, is also known as Project: I’m Go In In. This led to a sequel called: The Dangerous Life of Covert’s Undercover Agent follows the story of Agent Jones, who is tasked with capturing Joseph Priboy to obtain information about the missing warhead. You will go through the stages of missions in different places, where you will have to accomplish goals to get closer to the place where Pribua is now. They will be unlocked after the previous mission. Jones is accompanied by Anya in headphones, who gives him her goals, pointing to areas; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); You start with 4 types of weapons: a combat knife and three different types of weapons. You will also have binoculars and a map with your progress log and goals. To get more items such as ammunition, grenades and medicines, you need to study your current location. However, weapons and their ammunition can be easily looted by eliminated enemies because they are not affected. So you have to be patient and eliminate all hostile NPCs to keep yourself. The game emphasizes stealth, as there are cameras and alarms. You can hack building security to turn off the camera for a few minutes. However, they have a hidden timer. Therefore, it is recommended to destroy them if you can. Alarms can also be turned off using the buttons distributed throughout the village. However, they will sound again when the enemy is adequately warned. Unfortunately, they often miss your presence a; Prepare for disappointment Poor enemy AI is one of the main drawbacks of the game. They have limited vision and range of sound, so even if you shoot at it with a muted weapon, they usually don’t hear it and may not even see the corpse if they are far enough away.Warnings also do not affect all enemies, although in some ways this limitation may be due to the lack of a non-lethal elimination method in the game, which does not exist. Another problem with the game is the complete lack of storage. There are no checkpoints where you can charge during the mission. Once you die, the mission fails and you return to the beginning, all progress is lost, and most missions continue. It doesn’t help because you can’t have a way to defeat enemies if they don’t make noise. It just makes the game unpleasant. The final problem is the lack of a multiplayer mode, although this is not so important in the game. However, it is still disappointing that the shooting game introduces tactical stealth mechanics and does not allow players to unite or compete with each other like other shooting games of its generation. : Covert Strike has this mode and the ability to save precisely because the fans have a landmark for future stealth games. At one time, the project was a long-awaited game because it had a different style of play than other FPS games of the time. However, the serious lack of vital indicators and the general tedious programming of AI in response to players’ actions led to an unsatisfactory experience. Surprisingly, however, it still became popular and is now a nostalgic work in childhood for fans of stealth shooters.

Project IGI

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Arlo the Alligator Boy 2021 free download torrent

Arlo the Alligator Boy 2021

When he learns he’s from New York City, the wide-eyed, half-human, half-alligator boy decides to leave his life sheltered in the swamp and search for his lost father. Musical events.

Arlo the Alligator Boy 2021

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Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise x32 14393.10 en-US Activated Torrent Download

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise x32 14393.10 en-US Activated

Murphi78 presents Windows 10 Enterprise activated

No settings of the Windows 10 operating system were damaged during the creation of this ISO image.

No programs have been added to Windows.

No unattended settings have been added to the installation.

No registry settings have been changed.

32-bit source:

Installation index:

Windows 10 Enterprise

Release file:

Size: GB

SHA-1: E03058D330F6F1E517F64DD60D802A3885466B20

Language: en-US (English – United States)

Tools used:

DISC to integrate Windows updates

oscdimg for ISO mastering

Microsoft DaRT 10

murphi78 diskpart script

DISM / add-package and / resetbase (indexes, startup, winre):



-MS DaRT 10 has been added to recovery options at both startup and winre

– Some nice iso scripts have been added.

-DiskPart installation script – just start your computer to configure the media

and press Shift-F10 to open the console, and then type “menu.”

-UEFI support for 32-bit processors


– Use a USB program such as RUFUS to transfer it to a USB stick

Flash drive for startup installations.

-Alternatively, if you continue to use physical media, you can do so

Burn ISO to DVD or later.


This version is pre-activated and reactivates.

It uses the abbodi OEM folder version 10 KMS_VL_ALL that I left behind

ISO source folder. If you ever want to delete it

You have just activated / re-activated part of this configuration

Remove the $ oem $ directory from the ISO source.

I left my usual folder for ISO scripts, but that’s the way it is

it’s a brand new version of win10, don’t know if they all work

properly. The registration key for the KMS Gen map has already been set

Script KMS_VL_ALL. I will include a link to the Abbodi project

if you want to try to understand more.


abbodi1406, kevlpal – KMS activator

murphi78 – integration, ISO project, script and test


murphi78 🙂

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise x32 14393.10 en-US Activated

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EA SPORTS Cricket torrent


Swing and wing it. Cricket is a very exciting sports game and can be very intense. For fans who want a taste of how to play this exciting sport, EA Sports Cricket is here to give you just that. With its multiple camera angles and 3D graphics, players can enjoy playing on the cricket field like real international hype. The game offers players several ways to try it out. These game modes allow you to participate in many cricket events from all over the world. For example, the exhibition mode takes you to the World Series Cricket and Cricket World Cup. It also allows you to experience foreign games and knockout cricket tournaments. In local mode, on the other hand, you can play in a different set of tournaments such as Australian State Cricket, Full Season and Pura Cup. During matches you can meet teams and leagues from other countries. That said, your teammates and opponents are based on real professional cricketers so if you are a fan you can expect to meet some of your idols here while playing. There are also about 35 arenas where you can play (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Strike for your life Now when it comes to the game itself, both beginners and professionals can enjoy it without much worry. The game follows the rules and points system of the actual sports. Control won’t be a problem either, as it’s not complicated and very responsive. It would be a breeze to hit that cricket ball and fly through the wide arena. You will find that EA Sports Cricket is really engaging because it gives you a perspective similar to what you see on live broadcasts. From the stands you can see the whole field, all players and your character. It’s actually easier to control your movements and time when the ball is thrown at you if you’re playing from a wide angle. Apart from that, players also have the option to see how they progressed through the game through the challenging game repeat button. CricketEA Sports Cricket is a highly addictive game where you jump from one tournament to another. Even players who didn’t originally like the sport will be one about how engaging the game is.


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